The Little Things

“If You’re Going Through Hell,” as Rodney Atkins tells it, it helps to have a little bit of child-like fun to take along with you. At least, I found this to be helpful. With long, difficult days, I found creating a little moment each day to smile helped a whole lot. I have since been learning that the act of smiling […]

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Fathers With Daughters

On my path, I found that it was the fathers with daughters that offered me the most support and empathy in dealing with sexual harassment and the retaliation that often comes with standing up against it. Every time I mention this blog and my story to women, they immediately offer me feedback – mostly direct looks and affirming nods, some […]

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Path to Recovery: Love and Belonging (Maslow’s Hierarcy Level 3)

In November, I wrote the first of five posts about my path to recovery in what I call my “Maslow’s Theory Applied” series. This first post started out of sequence to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and focused on my experiences related to healing on the 2nd level – Safety and Security. Just like my road to recovery, my path […]

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